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Small Steps

*Warning. these first few posts probably aren't going to be the most fluid*

This past year or so has been something and so much has fallen away in the process. We've all been hit in different or unexpected ways this past year. Things that used to be part of my practice have been pushed aside. Sometimes it is a good thing when that happens because it gives you a chance to become more of who you are. But, other times, the opposite is true and you are left feeling like you are just losing more of who you were becoming. And that is where I have been through this process, on the side of becoming less of who I was. I still am, still working on turning it around.

I am grateful for a weekend I spent learning Reiki with a wonderful area therapist a few weeks ago. (Pamela with Angelic Touch, she is great and I recommend getting in for a session with her if you get a chance) Having some time away and getting a chance to focus on playing around with energy work for the weekend was exactly what I have been missing. I'm not sure diving into paint/decorating my house and starting up a website while I was out with the flu was what I expected to be jumping into after the class but that's the direction it all went.

In setting this site up I have been moving through much of the same process I did when I got started in Utah and I have to admit, it has been more than the energy work that has fallen away. So... Small steps in bringing things back instead of trying to pick everything back up where I left off in Utah. A little of finding what fits with life here and a little of just doing more of the things I enjoyed doing.

The first thing I want to bring back is the monthly drawing I used to do. I might even throw in a second monthly drawing one in a blue moon. Each month moves with and different theme and a different package but it's something I used to do to give clients a chance to get in for a free session to say thank you and offer something that I don't always have a chance to do. My first drawing is a little short notice and just a free session of your choice but also a little more open. Instead of pulling from my list of clients that have booked this month, I am going to open the drawing to anyone who would like a chance to enter it. For those who have booked your name will be entered twice with an additional entry for referrals. To enter: book a session, shoot me a text or stop by the Secret Vineyard at 19 s Park st. The first drawing for one free session is going to be on the 26th. Thanks again to everyone who has come out and I hope to see you all again soon.

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